Tournament 1: Wild West

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Tournament 1: Wild West

Post by Ernie » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:45 pm

Hello all! Its time to kick off our first ever tournament. The name will be Tournament 1: Wild West. The sign ups are open now but the tournament will not start till Sunday the 21th. I will not require check ins this time just to see how it goes. Now lets get down to the rules and details of this even.

Why the name "Wild West"? Well, that's because anything goes! Everyone will have TWO maps. These maps can be any maps but nothing one sided. I will preview all maps. It is REQUIRED for you to list what two maps you will play under this post. Who gets to pick the map first? Well, we will be doing rotations on brackets. First the top bracket gets to pick then the bottom the next match and so on. This is a double elimination tournament. Please, do not quit till you are done with all your matches. Forfeits are allows and can be used if something were to come up. These matches will be to 20 win by 1 with our standard rules and settings in place.

Any questions can be ask here and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Sign up start now: CLICK HERE!

Winner: Gets a gift-card for $20 of some type. (Note: I live in Japan and some cards maybe hard or impossible for me to get.)
2nd place: Gets a pat on the back from me the next time I seem them. :P

NOTE: I will add more here as questions get asked and more information comes down the line.
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