Descent1: 1 vs 1 Rules

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Descent1: 1 vs 1 Rules

Post by Ernie » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:59 pm

Play to 20, win by 1. When entering the mines WAIT before starting. Both players must say they are ready before the game starts (this helps to make sure there are no disconnects at the start or other issues.) Forfeits are allowed but don't abuse them. Timeouts are allowed(state why the timeout is needed) and should be short as possible.

Shots in the air: matches will continue until all of the in-flight projectiles have ceased to move.

(Same as DCL)
Difficulty: Insane
Reactor: Invulnerable for 50 minutes.
Players on Auto-map: Off
Spawn Invulns: Off
Colored Dynamic Lighting: Off
All Ships Blue: On
Bright Ships: On

Game Access: closed or restricted
Cloak and Invuln: Off
Show Enemy Names on HUD: Off
low vulcan ammo: Off
respawn concussions: Off

Weapon Layout
Laser On
Vulcan On
Spread On
Plasma On
Fusion On

Homer On
Proxy On
Smart On
Mega Off

Any of the settings can be changed if both players agree before starting the game.

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